Providing responsive heating and hot water control, wherever your customers are.

Save time, energy and money with the intelligent new networked boiler programmer, Easytherm®

Installation is quick and simple and there's no energy provider lock-in, so customers remain free to switch and reduce their bills.

1 for 1 replacement.

Installation as easy as 1,2,3...

Designed as a one-for-one replacement for an existing wall-mounted programmer, Easytherm® uses an industry standard back-plate, making for a quick, cheap and easy installation.

Control heating and hot water.

Two settings,
one device...

Easytherm® controls both heating and hot water from the same interface. Pinpoint accurate controls allow timings to be set to the minute, so energy consumption can be optimised for maximum efficiency.

Works with any supplier.

You own your Easytherm®...

As there is no 'lock-in' with any energy provider, Easytherm® gives customers more choice, and offers greater freedom for you to choose the right supplier.

Access from any device, anywhere*

Control at your fingertips,

Easytherm® works with a Wi-Fi or Homeplug** connection and can be controlled remotely on any device via the custom web interface. Customers won't need to download any apps, and are able to adjust settings at any time, locally or remotely, whenever they demand it.

*Router required      **Useful when programmers aren't able to pickup wi-fi signals

Preview the Easytherm® web interface

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1. Installing the Easytherm® boiler controller

2. Installing the Easytherm® boiler controller (Homeplug version)

3. Using the Easytherm® boiler controller